Crazed Cat Claws Owner, Leaps Through Glass Window Pane to Escape Capture

Aqua, a 2-year-old tuxedo tabby cat turned on his owner

Getty Images/Flickr Open

A domestic kitty cat turned into a sour puss Monday evening.

Aqua, a 2-year-old tuxedo tabby sent police on a chase after he attacked his owner, Marta Hevia, 52, and then jumped out of a window, the Daily News reported.

The cat clawed Hevia's arms and bit her knees as she exited the bathroom in her New York apartment.

“Nothing like this ever happened before. He kept jumping and jumping at me,” Hevia told the Daily News. “I was coming out of the bathroom when he attacked. I said, ‘No, Aqua! No!’ He was trying to kill me.”

Hevia called the police and the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit was dispatched to her home. But Aqua was determined to evade lock-up. 

As officers cornered the tabby under a nightstand, the clever kitty managed to delay capture by leaping through a glass window pane.

One officer on the scene said he had never seen a cat do that before.

Although Aqua left his owner and officers stunned, they were able to cage him, but were unsure why the crazy cat may have snapped.

“He’s neutered, but he’s always after (my other cat) because she’s in heat,” Hevia told the Daily News. “Maybe it was my perfume. Maybe he didn’t like it. I don’t know.”

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