‘Condoms Galore' Gives a Whole New Meaning to Jumping One's Bones

A store called "Condoms Galore" in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, has caused some major controversy with a suggestive Halloween display. 

Earlier this month, Condoms Galore on Main Street in Stroudsburg debuted a festive Halloween display, complete with skeletons posed suggestively on a bed. The storefront also featured a sign that read "use condoms or you'll end up f---ing dead," a message that deeply upset some residents. 

"It's offensive and not necessary," Stroudsburg resident Pam Aarsonson told NBC affiliate WBRE-TV. "I think the whole store is offensive."

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Following complaints, the display was altered, and the skeletons were placed on the bed in a less suggestive position. Last Friday, however, the skeletons were back in their original pose after Condoms Galore president and CEO Bill Rohrer insisted store managers replace the display.

One angry citizen took to the store's Facebook page to complain.

"Not a fan of a business that goes back on their word," Victoria Evans Winot wrote in a one-star review she left of the department store. "When people complained, they agreed AND changed an inappropriate window display to a more suitable version for our community."

Winot went on to say Condoms Galore only changed the storefront back after receiving positive news coverage by local press.

Rohrer has defended the display in a statement to The Morning Call.

"I've gotten calls in support. There's more people for that display than against it. It's a very good message," Rohrer said.

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