Coeds Cracking Bottles, Not Books: Study

College kids spend considerably more time taking shots than taking tests


Forget class -- these kids have booze on the brain.

Nearly half of college freshmen who drink regularly said they spend considerably more time boozing than studying, a survey presented Thursday in Seattle reveals.

Coeds who said they consume more than one drink in a two-week period spent 10.2 hours chugging in the same period compared to 8.4 hours cracking open the books. Students polled spend only 2.2 hours working for pay, compared to 4.1 hours on social networking Web sites like Facebook or Myspace.

Seventy percent of the respondents said they drink regularly and 49.2 percent in that group said they give more time to liquor than homework.

The vast majority of the 30,000 freshmen in the survey, which spanned 76 college campuses nationwide, were underage and cannot legally consume alcoholic beverages.

"Our hope is that this new finding will motivate (campus and community leaders) to join us as we redouble our efforts to de-emphasize the role of alcohol in college life," said Gwendolyn Jordan Dungy, the executive director of the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, which conducted the study.

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