Cliven Bundy Ordered to Nevada, Son Decries Federal ‘Overreach'

A judge on Thursday ordered Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy returned to his home state to face charges from a famous 2014 armed standoff with federal authorities, while one of his sons accused the government of "overreaching."

"This is just a continuation of government trying to protect its own power, government taking land that does not belong to them from the people," Ammon Bundy, who is jailed in another standoff in Oregon and is also charged in the 2014 case, said in a message released by his attorneys.

Cliven Bundy, his sons Ammon and Ryan, and two other men were indicted Thursday by a Nevada grand jury on charges stemming from the armed confrontation with federal agents who seized Bundy's cattle over illegal grazing on public land.

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The charges carry potential sentences of decades in prison and $3 million in forfeitures.

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