Clive Owens’ “Intruders” Gets Picked Up


"Intruders," starring Clive Owen as a father whose home and daughter come under attack from a mysterious demon, has finally found a home of its own.

The film, directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo of "28 Weeks Later" fame, has been picked up by Millennium, and will be released April 2012. Here's the synopsis from the press release:

Intruders is a disturbing film in which reality and imagination mingle and overlap. Juan (Izan Corchero) and Mia (Ella Purnell), two children living in different countries, are visited each night by a faceless intruder, a terrifying being who wants to take possession of them.

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We shudder to think what's going on in Clive Owen's personal life that for the second year in a row he's starring in a film in which he plays a father trying desperately to protect his teenage daughter. Last year it was "Trust," where his kid was stalked by a online pervert, and now this... Let's hope Clive gets it worked out.

We loved Fresnadillo's "28 Weeks Later," but watching this we can't help but be reminded of "Dream House," the Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz thriller that recently tanked. This is probably unfair to "Intruders," but hey, life ain't always fair.

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