“Ceremony” Trailer Has Michael Angarano Channeling a Young Sam Rockwell

Could it be that The Fonz's kid is a talented writer-director?

The first trailer for "Ceremony," writer-director Max Winkler's feature-film debut, starring Uma Thruman and Michale Angarano, has arrived and we confess that for all it's twee indie preciousness, we found it pretty amusing.

Angarano plays Sam, a guy who convinces a buddy to tag along as he crashes a wedding in hopes of winning the bride, Zoe, played by Thurman. Will the 17 years in age and 10 inches in height be too much for him to overcome?

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Maybe it's Angarano sporting a Sam Rockwellian mustache, maybe it's watching Lee Pace play a Herculean d-bag, who knows? But we're actually looking forward to this one.

"Ceremony" opens April 8.

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