Car Crash On Nicolas Cage Movie Injures Two In New York City

A wild car chase scene from Nicolas Cage's new film, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," took a turn for the worse early Monday morning when a car jumped the curb hitting one person and injuring another on the streets of New York City.

In a video posted on The New York Post's Web site, a Ferrari and a Mercedes are seen in chase scene on Seventh Avenue in the Times Square area of New York.


The action got all too real when the Ferrari lost control and swerved on to the sidewalk hitting a bystander and knocking over a lamppost, which then fell on another person.

Mark Watkins, who was vacationing in New York from Birmingham, England, saw the events unfold.

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"A black Ferrari and a silver Mercedes were chasing each other. The Ferrari took a route down the center of the road, swerving between cars. The Mercedes took the outside lanes." Watkins told the paper. "The Ferrari took a sharp right to the left and lost it, swerving across the lanes, taking out a lamppost and a news stand. One lady was knocked to the ground and a lamppost landed directly on top of a chap."

According to the paper, one of the victims was not associated with the movie and it is not known if the other injured individual is also a bystander. Both were reportedly taken Bellevue Hospital with injures that are believed not to be life threatening.

"The Sorcerer's Apprentice" is a live action movie inspired by Disney's "Fantasia." Cage plays the sorcerer on the hunt for a young apprentice. The film is schedule to be released in 2010.

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