Cabbie Allegedly Boots Gay Couple For Kissing

A gay Chicago couple is suing a cab company and one of its drivers for allegedly kicking them out of his cab for kissing.

Matthew McCrea and Steven White say they hailed a Sun Taxi ban on a rain-soaked night last May, and that the driver -- identified as Jama Anshur -- began yelling at them when they kissed.

The men claim Anshur began flashing the interior lights and then swerved to the shoulder of the Kennedy Expressway and demanded they get out.

The couple says they refused to get out and called the police. The driver then drove to the nearest exit and parked in a grocery store parking lot until the police arrived.

Their lawsuit was filed under the Illinois Human Rights Act.

"We see a larger purpose outside of this one cab driver, just to send a message that this kind of behavior isn't OK, it's illegal and it shouldn't be happening," White said.

Sun Taxi company management was unavailable for comment Monday, but Anshur told the Chicago Sun-Times that he was upset because they wouldn't stop kissing and he couldn't drive safely in the rain with "something like that."

Anshur told the newspaper he is not anti-gay, but believes marriage should be between a man and a woman for religious reasons.

The men are seeking compensatory damages in their suit.

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