Sara Smith

Blimp Makes Emergency Landing, Deflates Off I-95 in Fishtown

Two people were on board at the time, but no injuries were reported

A blimp floated seemingly out of control before landing and deflating in what appeared to be a construction zone off I-95 in Philadelphia Friday evening.

The blimp was spotted floating by NBC10 viewer Sheree Revilla over the Delaware River before 7 p.m.

Video courtesy: Sheree Revilla

It made an emergency landing in Fishtown near Delaware Avenue and Beach Street, Philadelphia police said, and could be seen deflated on the ground as SkyForce10 flew over the scene.

Officials said two people were on board at the time, but no injuries were reported. PECO Energy was requested to help clear wires that may have been involved in the landing. [[380330611, C,600,600]]

The FAA and NTSB were notified, according to police, and nearby I-95 had to be closed for a time as crews worked to secure the area.[[380330731, C]]

The deflated blimp has the word Bostik written on the side. An adhesives company by that name has a plant in the area, but calls to the company went unanswered.

The crash recalled another incident from October, when an unmanned, runaway military blimp broke free from its mooring in Maryland and floated all the way to Muncy, Pennsylvania, before crashing into a field. The runaway blimp kept officials busy for hours as it floated with two fighter jets on its tail.

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