Bird, Cat Stolen (Cat Later Returned) From Pet Store in Bizarre Smash-and-Grab

Burglars tried and failed to enter a Berks County pet store by ramming their car into the front door. But they returned soon after and successfully stole a parrot and a cat. Then they returned the cat.

What to Know

  • "Ashes" the store pet and a valuable parrot were stolen from Diane's Pet Center in Reading, Pennsylvania, this weekend.
  • Ashes was returned, yet the abducted parrot remains at large.
  • Police have not yet released a motive in the case.

If "Ashes" the cat could talk, she would have a wild story to tell from this weekend.

The store pet of Diane's Pet Center in Reading, Pennsylvania, began her wild couple days sometime between 3 and 3:45 a.m. Sunday morning. That's when unknown burglars ran a car into the front of Diane's, according to the Central Berks Regional police department.

Ashes and a parrot that the store owner was birdsitting were stolen — or taken hostage? — as three bandits then made off with the two animals, police said.

"It was discovered that the persons involved had then forced the door open and removed a green and red parrot with a white cap in its white cage - as well as 'Ashes,' the store's beloved pet cat," police said in a Facebook post.

By Monday morning, Ashes was returned to the store, apparently without anyone noticing.

The unnamed parrot remains at large, as do the perpetrators of the bizarre smash-and-grab, authorities said.

The owner of the pet store told NBC10 that she was watching the bird for a vacationing friend, and that the parrot is worth about $1,000.

The owner also said that the bandits didn't succeed when they first tried breaking into the store by backing their car into the front door. They later returned, she said, and stole the two animals.

Nothing else was stolen, she said.

Central Berks police said in the Facebook post that anyone with information about the crime should call Officer Matthew Rissmiller or Detective Sgt. Deron Manndel at (610) 779-1100 or county communications at (610) 655-4911.

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