Beyonce Posts Solange Knowles Throwback Pics After Sister Deletes Virtually All Bey Shots From Instagram

Solange Knowles deleted all but one picture of Beyonce on her Instagram account after that video was made public, but Jay Z's wife is taking the opposite approach with her sister on social media.

On Wednesday morning, the 32-year-old "XO" singer Instagrammed four sweet, happy throwback shots with her 27-year-old sibling (see below). All of the snaps, posted just one day after Solange de-Beyed her feed, feature the Knowles ladies together in happy times.

The hugging, smiley pictures--which feature an onstage hug at Coachella last month to a courtside pose at the 2005 NBA All Star Game--appear to be a not-so-subtle way for Beyonce to show her love and support for Solange.

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Both sisters seem to have shown their stances on social media, but neither has publicly commented on the alleged footage of Solange attacking Jay Z in an elevator at NYC's Standard Hotel was leaked to the public Monday.

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The clip, reportedly from the night of the 2014 Met Gala May 5, shows a woman resembling Solange attempting to physically attack Jay Z. While a bodyguard attempts to keep things under control, a lady (purportedly Beyonce) stands motionlessly by the wayside, intervening only towards the end to keep the feuding parties apart.

In the moments after the alleged altercation, Solange, Beyonce and Jay Z exited the elevator and made their way outside the hotel to waiting cars--Jay in one vehicle, the Knowles sisters together in a different car. This seemed to indicate things were OK between Beyonc and Solange, but the latter's later actions online seem to indicate possible hostility.

As per her normal behaviour, Beyonce's keeping it classy and taking the high road. The quintessential sweet big sis even managed to show public support for Solange without knocking Hov in any direct way.

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