Best City: Chi-Town or Philly?

From jazz to skyscrapers and hot dogs, Chicago's rocking it. But what does Philly have that we don't?

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<b>Chicago Hot Dog vs. Philly Cheesesteak</b> |<br> One thing you won't find on either of these cultural favorites: ketchup.
<b>Chicago vs. Philadelphia</b> |<br> What's the major difference between the two cities? Lake Michigan. That explains Chi's deathly winter temps.
<b>Colonial vs. Chicago Style</b> |<br> Philly's got colonial architecture but it doesn't have the Monadnock building, an icon of the world's first skyscrapers.
<b>CTA vs SEPTA</b> |<br> Nothing beats Chicago's El. It's like taking a kiddie rollercoaster to work. But, we're not the only ones with elevated tracks. Philly has one between 69th and 46th over Market Street.
<b>Union Station vs. Suburban Station</b> |<Br> Both Chi and Philly have old train stations. What movies have you seen these in?
<b>Jazz vs. Soul</b> |<Br> While Chicago is the home of jazz, Philly created the roots of soul and funk for stars like Patti Labelle.
<b>Water Tower vs. Liberty Bell</b> |<br> What do these two have in common? They are old and cracked.
<b>Cubs vs. Phillies</b> |<br> This is not a question of who has a better team, but who has a better brand?
<b>Picasso vs. Rocky</b> | <br> Ok, Philly: Rocky scaling the steps is all your's, but did you know Picasso sculpted this for Chicago free of charge?
<b>Willis Tower vs. Comcast Center</b> | <br> Chicago's tallest building boasts 108 floors, a number not comparable to Philly's 57.
<b>Chicago City Hall vs. Independence Hall</b> | <br> Independence Hall: where the constitution was created. Chicago City Hall: some of the most corrupt politicians in the nation. Philly wins!
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