Belinda Carlisle Talks Overcoming 30-Year Cocaine Addiction

Belinda Carlisle has opened up about overcoming her three-decade long struggle with cocaine addiction.

While promoting her new memoir, "Lips Unsealed," the former Go-Go's singer told AOL's Popeater she spent a lifetime hooked on cocaine.

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"Probably 30 years with nine months off from drugs when I was pregnant. Everyday pretty much," Belinda told the Web site of her drug use.

The singer, who lives in France with her husband and son, who is now getting ready for college, said that wealth helped her keep her drug addiction hidden.

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"I think the thing that kept me going along for so long is I clean up really well," Belinda continued. "I could afford to have facials and massages and dress nicely and fool myself even that I was OK and fool everyone around me that I was OK, living in the south of France, jet-setting everywhere, looking great."

Belinda, who competed on "Dancing with the Stars" during Season 8, said that she actually got off drugs on her own, not via traditional methods.

"I thought if it wasn't going to work, I'd go to rehab," she told the Web site. "I made so many promises to so many people so many times through the years that I was going to stop and I couldn't keep it and I knew it deep down inside. I hit a lot of bottoms. I don't know why it took me so long. I guess I just wasn't ready."

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Belinda said quitting "came down to choosing life or death," and her son was a major motivating factor.

"I was at the end of a three-day binge. I remember thinking how humiliating it would be for my son to have his mom die in a hotel room of a cocaine overdose. That's pretty low," she told Popeater. "I knew if I didn't stop I'd be dead. You can't be my age and doing the amount of cocaine I was doing."

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Belinda, 51, has been making the talk show circuit rounds promoting her memoir, and she also opened up about her struggle with depression.

"Well, I got it a**backward," she told "Good Morning America's" Robin Roberts on Tuesday, quickly excusing her curse word. "I was depressed and that's why I was drinking and using. Little did I know that I got it all backwards and I was depressed because of the circle and the shame that goes along with addiction."

The singer also addressed her well-documented issues with weight, admitting she would weigh herself 10 or more times a day at the height of her troubles with her figure.

"In some ways the food issues were worse because at least with the drugs and alcohol it's abstinence and you have to eat everyday to survive and I had a terrible relationship with food where it was almost sort of like a bulimia, where if I did eat something wrong, I would be on the treadmill for hours and hours," she told Robin, before revealing she'd sometimes eat 5,000-6,000 calories a day.

"It's that hole in the soul," she added of her then-problems.

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