Photos Released Taken by NJ Hikers of Bear Just Before Fatal Attack

West Milford police released photos of a bear taken by Darsh Patel and David Suh shortly before it attacked. The bear killed Patel, 21, who was a student at Rutgers. The bear was later killed.

7 photos
Darsh Patel
West Milford police released these photos taken by Darsh Patel on Sept. 21 just before a bear attacked, killing him. Police confirm the bear in the photo was the one that attacked. The bear was later killed.
Darsh Patel
The group of friends ran for several minutes before they got separated. They eventually regrouped and noticed Patel was missing.
Darsh Patel
Recordings of the 911 calls after the bear attack captured Patel's friends' panic.
Darsh Patel
The bear would not leave the area, even after officers tried to scare it away by making loud noises and throwing sticks and stones, and it eventually was killed with two rifle blasts. Authorities said it was 4 years old.
Darsh Patel
David Suh
This photo was taken by David Suh, who was hiking with Patel.
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