Australian Supermodel: American Airlines Lost My Wedding Dress

On her Facebook page, Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, 27, has revealed that American Airlines lost her wedding dress, and she's reaching out for advice to help find it. 

In a post to her 367,000 Facebook followers, she wrote: "In July American Airlines lost my luggage and I have been trying to locate it ever since. Unfortunately the luggage had my wedding dress in it plus other things that I hold so dear. Has anyone else experienced losing luggage through American Airlines and if so did you ever locate it again? Any help would be greatly appreciated."

Kerr married actor Orlando Bloom in July in a secretive ceremony in the U.S., before departing for a honeymoon to the Caribbean.  At the time, several fashion publications reported that Kerr chose her dress from four vintage Collette Dinnigan wedding gowns flown in from Sydney for the ceremony.

American Airlines said it is trying to assist Kerr.  The only problem, according to the Fort Worth-based company, is that Kerr has not given the airline the information it needs to begin the search. 

"Our customer relations department sent her a letter encouraging her to complete PPQ (questionnaire) so that we can search for her property, and we received no response at all," said Tim Smith, an American Airlines spokesman.

Kerr and Bloom are expecting their first child due early next year.

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