Arizona Officials Still Pursuing Leslie Merritt Jr. in Freeway Shootings

The shootings took place in late August and early September

Arizona officials said they are still gathering evidence against Leslie Merritt, Jr., who was arrested in connection with 11 shootings that took place over two weeks last summer, NBC News reported. 

Prosecutors said they intend to proceed in the case against Merritt, who had been charged in four of the shootings on or near Interstate 10 in the Phoenix area that left drivers on edge. The shootings took place in late August and early September, but authorities say at least one was a “road rage” incident and others may have been copycats. No one was seriously hurt. 

"I believe that we have enough evidence to develop probable cause to believe that he is the correct suspect," Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Frank Milstead told reporters Friday. "Our job was to develop probable cause, the county's job is now to build a case beyond a reasonable doubt." 

Merritt’s lawyers say he is “100% innocent” and that police made a rush to judgment. 

Prosecutors and police this week have faced questions about the investigation and arrest since a judge first reduced Merritt's bail to $0 and ordered him released — and after prosecutors moved to dismiss all charges without prejudice late last week.

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