Are UGGs Bad for You?

The minute it gets cold outside...the rubber hits the road.

The popular UGG is everywhere.

Mary Schallenhammer has several pair of UGG boots.

She says she loves them and admits she likes wearing what's "in."

"Of course you have to have all different lengths,” she said. "Yeah it's part of what we are into right now."

But Mary also loves high heels...

Philadelphia podiatrist Edward Chairman says that passion for fashion led to Mary’s surgery for bunions and hammertoes.

He says women looking for relief by pouring their dogs into a pair of UGG boots are in for a surprise.

“They put their feet into UGGs soft roomy they’re happy campers," said Dr. Chairman.

Women, I bet you have a pair of UGG boots in your closet right now.

Well guess what…a local foot doctor says they could be bad for your feet.

So what's the problem?
"After a few hours they start feeling tired, their feet are tired they're aching and they don't know why. The reason it's aching is because there is zero support in the arch area," said Chairman.

Dr. Chairman says that lack of support flattens the arch and puts stress on the foot.

He says even women with healthy feet complain of pain if they wear their UGGs too long.   

The company says UGG Australia has been around for 30 years and has not received a complaint about arch support or comfort.

They say the back of the heel or heel counter offers substantial support and the sheepskin insoles are comfortable."

They also warn of numerous UGG knockoffs that don't offer the same features.

And don't think Dr. Chairman wants you to toss your UGG boots aside.

"Absolutely not! I think they're wonderful, you should wear them but wear orthotics in them," Chairman said.

Orthotics are shoe inserts that help align the foot.

He says put them in your UGG and problem solved.
"It’s as if someone is helping you lift your foot while you walk," Chairman says.

You can either buy expensive custom orthotics or ready-made cheaper ones you can find in any drugstore.

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