Angry Letter Criticizes ‘Curb Appeal' of Elderly Couple

An elderly couple is trying to track down the person who left them an anonymous letter criticizing the curb appeal of their Ocean City home.

Bill and Barbara Doughten, who are both in their 70’s and have lived in their home for decades, say they received a handwritten letter on Tuesday, seemingly from a real estate agent.

“I'm trying to sell million dollar homes in the neighborhood,” the anonymous person wrote. “I drive my clients around and they see your car parked sideways on the front lawn!  You have a driveway - use it!"

Bill and Barbara say the letter had no return address or signature.

“It’s like a sneak attack,” Bill said. “No name. They didn’t say who they were.”

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The couple’s grandchildren posted the letter on Facebook where it’s since been shared more than 700 times.

“I was very angry,” said Teresa Doughten, one of the grandchildren. “They shouldn’t have gotten this letter.”

Bill says he parks his car on the lawn because the grass is closer to the front door when he brings in his groceries.

“My leg doesn’t work,” Doughten said. “I do shake as you can possibly see.”

Jeff Quintin, a real estate agent with Berkshire-Hathaway Fox & Roach Real Estate, told NBC10 that while he and his fellow agents prefer that homeowners not park on their lawns, angry anonymous letters are not the way to spread that message.

“The letter itself is a little disturbing,” Quintin said. “I think the realtor who wrote that is probably regretting that he did. I think it’s a very negative vibe for us.”

In spite of the letter, Barbara and Bill say they aren’t changing their parking habits.

“I can do whatever I want to do,” Barbara said. “I’m not moving the car. I don’t know of any million dollar homes in this neighborhood.”

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