Amanda Seyfried On Love Scene With Julianne Moore

Unless they specialize in a certain, ahem, type of film work, most actors dread shooting sex scenes. But in the mesmerizing "Chloe," Amanda Seyfried had more difficult task -- shooting an explicit scene with an iconic female actress (Julianne Moore) and with a demanding director.

 "I was counting down the days until we had to shoot that," Seyfried said of the movie which opens Friday.

Director Atom Egoyan knew exactly where he wanted to go with the scene to convey the proper mood in a movie dealing with obsession, even giving Seyfried and Moore a demonstration with (clothed) stand-ins. "He brought the stand-ins into the bedroom of the hotel where we were shooting and had them…kind…of perform in the way we were supposed to," says Seyfried. "Atom was like, 'Do you understand that?' He was trying to make it very clear what he wanted."

Moore and Seyfried insisted on one change to that scene -- "to make it gentler," said Seyfried, and "we won the day."

Then they were ready, even if the awkward part lay ahead. "When it got to that day (Julianne and I) were both like, 'Okay!' " laughed Seyfried. "We know what we have to do technically and now we just have to take our pants off and hop into bed."

The scene was basically one intricate movement shot seven times with one camera. She calls the end result "powerful."

"It was good, a nice team effort," says Seyfried of her co-star. "But it was awkward. Because that's what it is -- awkward. Intimate scenes are awkward."

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