A 3-D Printer & 12 Hours: Delaware Boy Creates Own Robo-Hand at Local Library

A 10-year-old Delaware boy used a 3-D printer at his local library and in just 12 hours had created something that would change his life.

Colin Consavage, of Claymont, was left with shorter fingers on his left hand after birth. But, with a 3-D printer, directions and a day's time, Colin made himself a robo-hand.

"I mean I'll still be a righty, you can't really change that, but eventually I'll be able to work with them pretty much equally," Colin told NBC10's Tim Furlong.

Colin and his mom got the idea from 3-D printing demos, then teamed up with a company called e-NABLE.

e-NABLE, a company that helps children create and design their own mechanical hands, sent Colin directions on how to make his own.

Then, Colin and his mom used the Wilmington Library's 3-D printer to mold 24 parts. After just 10 hours, Colin had a working hand for himself. He says this hand, and any other future versions, will let him better use his left hand.

"It's empowering, and it's definitely a confidence booster," Colin's mom said.

The project attracted attention from Penn State students who are now working to create a glove for Colin that will allow him to individually move each finger.

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