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Young Sea Lion Wanders Onto Busy California Road



    Stranded Baby Sea Lion Guided Back to Sea

    This video, provided by Matt McDevitt, shows a confused sea lion in Carlsbad being guided back to the ocean by concerned onlookers. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016)

    Seeing a stranded baby sea lion in the middle of a busy Carlsbad, California road, a concerned volleyball coach put his beach towels to good use and guided the confused animal back to the sea.

    Matt McDevitt said he was spending his holiday at the volleyball courts Monday at the Warm Waters Jetty, close to the Carlsbad Desalination Plant. When he looked toward the road, he spotted the animal in distress.

    The young sea lion had wandered up to Carlsbad Boulevard and was waddling in the northbound lanes.

    McDevitt and his friend stopped traffic to save the little marine mammal. They used beach towels to lead the sea lion back onto the beach. McDevitt sent NBC 7 cellphone video of the encounter through Twitter.

    The animal was then able to run back into the sea.