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Unsuspecting Drivers Shot at on North Texas Highway

Anna police are trying to determine if a high-powered pellet gun was used



    Unsuspecting Drivers Shot at on North TX Highway

    Police in Anna say someone is shooting at unsuspecting drivers on a North Texas highway. (Published Wednesday, July 27, 2016)

    At least four people have reported being shot at while driving on a North Texas highway, according to police in Anna.

    Investigators believe the shooter is using a high-powered pellet gun, but they are not ruling out the possibility a low-caliber rifle was used.

    The shootings occurred along Texas Highway 5 between Anna and Melissa.

    The first report came in Monday morning, and three more victims have since come forward, Anna police said.

    None of the victims were injured.

    "Someone is playing with people's lives," Anna Police Lt. Jeff Caponera said. "I've seen pellets kill people, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility it could've done some serious damage. We're not ruling out that it could've been a small-caliber .22."

    Doug Page was driving to lunch on Monday when his SUV was shot.

    "It sounded like somebody hit it with a hammer," Page said. "Any number of things could've happened. It could've been way worse than a ding on the side of the vehicle."

    Although the shootings occurred in a rural area, police don't believe the shootings were accidental.

    "This isn't shooting at birds and accidentally hitting a car. This was four vehicles and they were hit intentionally," Caponera said.

    Anna is about an hour's drive northeast of Dallas.