Turtle Nicknamed 'Chuck Norris' Released in Fla. Keys

The tough turtle who fought back from injuries suffered after being struck by a boat was released back into the water Monday (Courtesy Florida Keys News Bureau)

(Published Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017)

Chuck Norris, the tough sea turtle, is swimming off the Florida Keys.

The sub-adult loggerhead sea turtle was released Monday evening.

It had been rescued in March off the Lower Keys by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers after it suffered a severe boat strike.

Officers who transported the turtle to the Turtle Hospital in Marathon told staff there "to pick the toughest-sounding name" they could, because the reptile had a lot to overcome to get better.

Chuck Norris was fitted with orthopedic plates to stabilize its shell.

Additional treatment included broad-spectrum antibiotics, vitamins, lactulose and a diet of squid and fish.

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