Couple Renews Vows as Arranged Marriage Enters Final Chapter

David and Elizabeth Weinlick, poses for a photo at their home, Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017, in Woodbury, Minn. The Minnesota couple who began their life together through an arranged marriage nearly 20 years ago are about to renew their vows. For David and Elizabeth, Friday's ceremony will happen at the Mall of America. It's the same place where David's friends chose Elizabeth to be his bride in a spectacle that drew national headlines. The occasion will also be tinged with sadness. David Weinlick has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. AP Photo/Kyle Potter

A Minnesota couple who gained fame through a very public arranged marriage have renewed their vows as their 19-year love story enters its final chapter.

David and Elizabeth "Bethy" Weinlick had known each other for just five minutes when they got married before thousands of shoppers at the Mall of America in 1998 — right after his friends chose her from hundreds of interested women to be his bride.

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(Published Monday, Sept. 17, 2018)

On Friday, in front of hundreds of people, including their four children, they reaffirmed their commitment at the same spot in the megamall's rotunda. David was diagnosed in March with terminal colon cancer. They're planning to make the best of their remaining time together.

The ceremony also served as a fundraiser for the Angel Foundation, which supports families coping with cancer.