Police 'Confident' No One Else in Shooter's Las Vegas Room Before Attack

Amateur video footage has emerged showing the room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas from where Stephen Paddock rained down bullets onto a concert crowd on Sunday evening, killing 58 people. 

Jeff Bridges and his partner, who were guests at the hotel in January last year, stayed in the same room where Paddock launched his attack - room 32-135.

During his stay, Bridges filmed the room and the view from the windows, which included the concert venue; identical to the view that Paddock had of the venue on Sunday evening.

(Published Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017)

Investigators are "confident" that no one else entered the Las Vegas hotel suite before a gunman opened fire on a crowd of thousands of concertgoers, killing 58 people in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said Friday in an interview that police don’t believe anyone entered the room at Mandalay Bay prior to the shooting carried out by Stephen Paddock Sunday night.

Investigators say they found 23 firearms in the Mandalay Bay hotel room of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Craig Paddock and 19 firearms at his home in Mesquite, Nevada and are stressing that Paddock was the sole shooter.

(Published Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017)

Earlier, senior law enforcement sources said investigators were puzzled by a charger that did not appear to match any of Paddock’s cellphones. Police have now been able to match all of the cell phone chargers found in the room with multiple cell phones that Paddock had with him.

A motive in the shooting remains elusive. "This agency wants to give answers. We owe it to the victims and the victims' families," McMahill said. "It's really a frustrating piece of this investigation."

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