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"Got Milk?" Tagline Replaced With "Milk Life"

The California processors, which are still partnered with Goodby, will continue the "Got Milk?" campaign in California.



    MilkPEP -- Milk Life Anthem

    Say goodbye to the iconic slogan "Got Milk?" that sparked the series of humorous milk mustache commercials.

    After two decades, the milk industry is replacing the catchphrase with the new tagline "Milk Life."

    The new campaign is designed highlight the nutritional benefits of milk and to get consumers to rethink the drink, Milk Processor Education Program CEO Julia Kadison told Ad Age. MilkPEP is an industry marketing program funded by milk processors.

    "A lot of people don't know that milk has protein, so it was very important to make that connection between milk and protein," Kadison says. In addition to focusing on protein, she says MilkPEP wants to make milk "relatable, relevant and meaningful to Americans." 

    The "Got Milk?" line was created by the advertising agency Gooby, Silverstein & Partners and originated in 1993 as a rebranding initiative for the California Milk Processor Board.

    In 1995, MilkPEP licensed the well-known slogan. The phrase rose to popularity in the campaign's ads, which featured about 300 celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Elton John, Steven Tyler and David Beckham.

    The California processors, which are still partnered with Goodby, will continue the "Got Milk?" campaign in California.

    MilkPEP's "Milk Life" slogan was designed by the advertising agency Lowe Campbell Ewald in hopes of not only conveying the power of protein after drinking milk, but also boosting milk sales. Per-capita fluid milk consumption has declined by 25 percent since 1975, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    MilkPEP plans to spend more than $50 million on the campaign, Ad Age reported.

    The new tagline ads will be released today, featuring ordinary people and reflecting milk as a key ingredient to a healthy and active lifestyle.