2013 Oscars: Hugh Jackman’s Advice for New Host Seth MacFarlane

"Les Miserables" star gives the first-timer some tips for the big night.

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Hugh Jackman definitely knows what it takes to be a good Oscar host.

The Academy Award-nominated actor received stellar reviews when he agreed to captain Hollywood's biggest night of the year in 2009.

So who better than Mr. Jackman to give advice to first time host Seth MacFarlane?

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Hugh Jackman wants to do another musical movie

Jackman said the "best advice" he got was from two-time host Steve Martin.

"It was a couple of weeks before the show and he goes, 'For the first 45 minutes, it's the best audience you'll ever have. Everyone out there is way more nervous than you,'" Jackman told E! News at the DGAs. "Then he said, 'From that moment on, there are a lot more losers than winners in the auditorium so just hurry the [bleep] up!'" Jackman said.

Sounds like the perfect advice to us.

Martin returned to cohost with Alec Baldwin the year following Jackman's debut.

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