10 Most Common Dog Breeds in Shelters Across the US

Looking to adopt a shelter dog? Here are the 10 most common dog breeds you'll find in shelters across America. The list is based on information from PetBreeds, a pet research website, which compiled the list from 2015 data of the total number of dogs in animal adoption facilities and shelters by breed. The site also provided some information about each breed.

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Australian cattle dogs are known for their intelligence and energy.
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American Bulldogs do well with large lawns and spaces to roam about. They are very sweet dogs but have strong temperaments that need to be managed from an early age.
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Dachsunds are known for their short legs and hot-dog-shaped bodies.
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American Staffordshire terriers are loyal, large-breed dogs. They are known for being good watchdogs.
Beagles were originally bred as hunting dogs and are known for being loyal companions.
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German Shepherds are loyal and protective dogs that are used by law enforcement and military teams around the world due to their intelligence.
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Boxers are a large breed with a lower lifespan than others – 8 to 10 years – but are very intelligent and good playmates for children.
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Chihuahuas are tiny dogs with a long lifespan, ranging from 14 to 18 years. Because they are often raised without any training, these adorable puppies turn into uncontrolable adults and end up homeless when their owners give them up.
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Labrador retrievers can be ideal pets for families due to their demeanor and size. They also eat up to 4 cups of dog food per day, so it's best to check your budget before adopting one.
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American pit bull terriers are the dogs most often found in shelters across the United States.
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