“Your Small Job Specialist” Arrested for Theft & Fraud

"Your Small Job Specialist" was arrested for theft and fraud in Chester Co., according to police.

Dennis Antonious of West Chester, Pa. ran a small construction outfit. He is accused of ripping off a Coatesville family of more than $45,000 for a construction project that he made false statements about, according to police.

Antonious, 69, was running businesses with names like "Your Small Job Specialists" and "A Small Job Specialist." He didn't live up to the "specialist" name, according to Chester County Detectives.

Antonious is charged with one count each of theft by deception, theft by failure to make required disposition of Funds, deceptive or fraudulent business practices, dealing in proceeds of unlawful activities and criminal conspiracy.

Anyone with further information on Antonious is asked to contact Det. Edward Nolan at the Chester County Detectives at 610.344.6866.

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