Yo Philly! The Traffic/Parking Crackdown Starts Monday

Philly drivers beware -- increased traffic and parking enforcement is on the way. Starting Monday expect a crackdown on traffic violators and illegal parkers.

The goal of the enforcement is twofold -- more safety and less congestion, according to officials.

The initiative is a joint effort by the Philadelphia Mayor's Office of Transportation, Philly Police and the Parking Authority who will all target drivers who break the law in Center City.

"Drivers and pedestrians alike will benefit from this enforcement effort," said Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

Stopping in no parking zones, double-parking, running red lights, blocking the box and more will earn drivers a ticket. And, don't forget those extra-diligent meter maids who will be out in force.

"Speeding, running red lights and blocking the box puts everyone at risk and increases congestion. We can all be a part of the solution by slowing down and respecting traffic laws," said Ramsey.

The PPA will also do their part by ticketing and/or towing double-parked and illegally stopped cars. A tow truck will be at the ready to move any cars blocking traffic -- just in case you don't believe that the PPA is dedicated to this cause.

Ultimately the Nutter Administration hopes that the crackdown helps to keep the city moving efficiently, said Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler.

The lesson here -- slow down and only stop in legal parking spots if you plan on driving in Center City.

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