Would You Like a Bloody Chicken with Those Fries?

PETA to scare kids with bloody “Un” Happy Meal

Armed with fake bloody chickens and knife-wielding Ronald McDonalds, members of the extreme animal rights group PETA plan to crash a Philadelphia McDonald’s today during festivities of the 30th Anniversary of the Happy Meal.

PETA proudly announced that a group, led by an activist in a chicken costume, will set up a table 5-7 p.m. inside the McDonald’s at 120 Oregon St. and hand out free “Unhappy Meals,” “to alert kids and their parents to the suffering that goes into every McNugget.”

The “Unhappy Meal” they will be handing out to kids and parents is made up of a “menacing” knife-wielding Ronald McDonald cutout, a “bloody” plastic chicken, a “blood”-filled packet that tells McDonald’s to “Ketchup with the Times,” and a “McCruelty” T-shirt wrapped like a chicken sandwich.

The banner on the party-crashing table will say “McCruelty: I’m hatin’ it.”

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