Pa. Woman Wears Make-up for the First Time…on Nat'l TV

41-year-old Emmaus woman says she focuses on fundraising, not make-up

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41-year-old Chrissy Flexer claims to never have worn make-up in life. That all changed today when she did so on national television

The woman from Emmaus appeared on Rachael Ray’s talk show as part of a makeover segment, alongside two other women, one who had never worn high heels and the other hadn’t put on a dress since her wedding day, reports the Morning Call.
Flexer credits her fundraising as the reason behind her absence of make-up, saying it’s all she does.
Flexer founded a nonprofit organization with her husband Scott five years ago. Bingo for a Cure raises money for the rare genetic disease, fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva or Stone Man Syndrome.
It's a disease their five-year-old nephew Joshua was born with, making him one of only 700 people with the condition, according to the Morning Call.
Flexer hoped to raise awareness for FOP by appearing on the talk show, but unfortunately did not get to talk about the issue on air.
A cure for FOP may be close and Flexer hopes fundraising will bring them even closer to finding it. 
"They've identified the gene. They feel it's within reach," She told the Morning Call. "We are trying to preserve Joshua until they get the cure."
Bingo for a Cure will hold its fifth annual fundraising event on March 18 in at the Allentown Fairgrounds’ Agri-Plex. More information can be found on their website.
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