Woman Stabbed in the Neck, Boyfriend Arrested

A woman's boyfriend was arrested this morning after he allegedly stabbed her in the neck.

The woman's boyfriend allegedly stabbed her multiple times inside an apartment along the 1300 block of Butler Street in North Philadelphia shortly after 5 a.m., according to Philadelphia Police.

Police on the scene told NBC10.com that a fight between the woman and her boyfriend escalated into the stabbing. After being stabbed, the 31-year-old woman managed to stumble out to the street.

Police found her leaning against a pole and bleeding.

"We believe she was stabbed at least six times to the neck and upper chest area," according to Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Medics rushed her to Temple University Hospital in severely critical condition, according to Small.

An initial investigation revealed that the stabbing suspect possibly tried to help her into a minivan after the stabbing, according to police. The van was found running in the street.

Small said it wasn't clear if she walked out of the apartment or if she was carried.

Police arrested the woman's 36-year-old boyfriend inside their apartment. Investigators found a "large amount of blood" and a bloody butcher knife in that second-floor apartment, according to Small.

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