Elderly Woman Robbed in Delaware Park Casino

Police say that a 76-year-old New Castle woman was robbed at the Delaware Park casino last night around 6:55 p.m.

The robber allegedly approached the woman in a bathroom and struck her over the head with a purse before stealing her wallet.

Police say the robber then took the woman's debit card and threw the wallet in the garbage. The robber then allegedly attempted to take money from the woman's bank card using the casino’s ATM. 

After suffering bruising and swelling to the head, the woman was responsive and made her way to the casino floor to tell security what happened.

Security found the alleged robber in the casino parking lot talking on a cell phone. Police say the suspect, 46-year-old Deborah Burton of New Castle, was changing the PIN on the victim's card through the bank that issued the card.

Security took Burton into custody and the bank card was returned to the elderly woman.

Burton is charged with attempted identity theft, two counts of attempted theft and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

She was committed to the Women’s Correctional Institution for lack of $37,500.00 secured bail.

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