Man Rapes, Robs Woman at Coffee Shop: Police

Police put up a $6,500 reward to anyone who helps catch and convict the man they think is responsible

Philadelphia Police put up a $6,500 reward on Friday to help catch the man accused of raping a coffee shop worker after forcing her to hand over the money inside her cash register.

"The victim, quite frankly, thought he was going to flee," said Police Capt. John Darby, because after robbing her, he told her to get into the bathroom. But that's where he sexually assaulted her, according to police.

The victim, 29, was working alone inside the Bean Exchange in Bella Vista early Thursday morning when the suspect first came in and said he was homeless and needed money. She gave him a dollar and he left, police said.

Christopher Reeves, 32, came back about an hour later and that's when the alleged robbery and rape occurred. Police said Reeves frequents the neighborhood near 7th and Bainbridge. He has been arrested numerous times for theft, burglary and weapons violations, according to court records.

"This is really horrible, and it's so beyond necessary. It just makes you so angry...I mean it just doesn't make any sense," said Greg Pastore, President of the Bella Vista Town Watch. He sent an email notifying residents of the incident and asking all businesses in the area to be careful.

"When there's something like this it just hits home at that point and everyone just has to be extra careful for the time being," said Pastore.

The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment and the coffee shop's owner said Friday she was doing as best as she can, given the circumstances. She's worked at the shop for about a year.

The Bean Exchange will re-open for business sometime next week.

If you have any information on Reeves, please call 215.685.3251 or 215.685.3252. He is considered armed and dangerous. If you see him, police say don't approach him -- call 911 immediately.

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