Mom Killed, Her Child Rescued From Burning Home

While on patrol, two police officers spotted the flames at the Upper Darby home and ran inside. Officer Montes Trapp was able to pull out a 4-year-old girl

Onya Safo, 41, was killed late Tuesday night in a house fire on the 3800 block of West Marshall Road in Upper Darby Township.

Two police officers, who were on patrol in the neighborhood, spotted the flames and were the first ones inside the home. Officer Montes Trapp, pictured below, was able to pull Safo's 4-year old daughter Zoye from the home. Trapp is also a volunteer firefighter.

Zoye Safo is listed in serious condition at Crozer Chester Medical Center.

The second officer tried to go upstairs but was unable to make it. Authorities say Safo died while trying to escape the home.

Police say there were no working smoke detectors.

Four people from the house next door were evacuated. There were no other injuries.

The Red Cross is offering assistance to several families affected by the fire.

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