6 Hurt After Paratransit Bus Overturns

Neighbors chase down suspect after car and paratransit bus collide.

A person was charged with driving under the influence after neighbors and police chased him down on a North Philadelphia street this afternoon.

The arrest came after a handful of people were rushed to a trauma center after a Cadillac slammed into the paratransit bus they were riding in, causing it to overturn.

"The Cadillac had the red light, but he ran it and hit the paratransit truck and flipped it over on its side," said witness Alexander Kuilan.

Kuilan heard screams and observed the driver hanging from his seatbelt inside the bus. 

The paratransit bus flipped over at N. 6th and Cambria Streets around 2 p.m. on Sunday, city fire officials tell NBC10.com.

Another witness heard a bang and saw the paratransit bus go down. 

Officials say six people were hurt when the small bus flipped over. One of the passengers, a 30-year-old woman, suffered serious injuries. The crash caused a nearby road side to fall down, hitting pedestrians on the street.

Witnesses helped the injured get out of the vehicle. Then they turned their attention to the people inside the Cadillac who then took off. Neighbors ran after those who fled the scene. 

 All were taken to Temple University Hospital but none appeared to have life-threatening injuries, officials said.

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