Woman Finds Her Family's Lost Photos at Vintage Store in Lansdale

One woman was reunited with her family’s history at a local vintage store

While looking at pictures hung up in a small vintage store in suburban Philadelphia, a shopper noticed something peculiar.

The people in the pictures were her family members.

"That's a picture of my favorite uncle.” the customer, Melanie, said according to a Facebook post. "And that's my parents’ wedding picture."

Melanie walked into The Shabby Attic, a small vintage home goods and furniture store in Lansdale, Pa., Tuesday. That's when she found her family heirlooms.

There were 20 to 25 pictures all dating between the 1930s and 60s. They depicted family fishing trips in New Jersey, high school graduations, weddings and more.

The store owner, Karin Wolfle, searches for furniture and other items that people leave on sidewalks so that she can refurbish and sell them.

Four years ago, Wolfle was going through discarded furniture outside a vacated house when she noticed stacks of family photos in the pile. Some were flying away in the wind.

"They were so unique,” Wolfle said. "I thought, 'Well, I'll hold onto them.' They seemed special."

Wolfle hung the photos up around her store, where they stayed as decorations for four years. 

Wolfle said that Melanie had never been to The Shabby Attic before. She believes fate brought Melanie and the pictures together.

"I always had a sense that somebody would know these people,” Wolfle said.

Wolfle gave Melanie the pictures of her family free of charge. Afterward, the two hugged.

"It was meant to be," Wolfle said.

Although Melanie told the store owner she was excited to have her story told, she declined to comment to NBC10.

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