Woman Arrives at Hospital Covered in Feces, Maggots

Philadelphia Police say woman may have been neglected

Philadelphia Police want to know what happened to the woman who lived on the 7200 block of North 20th Street in West Oak Lane.

She was taken to Einstein Medical Center Sunday covered, in what a police source tells NBC 10, were maggots and feces. They also said she had Spina Bifida.

Her condition so concerned hospital members, they called in Philadelphia Police.

“The female was 49 years of age, was in critical condition. It appeared she suffered from a pre-existing medical condition. And appeared to have some injuries, some signs of what appeared to them to be neglect,” Lt. Frank Vanore of Philadelphia Police said.

All morning long Monday, Philadelphia detectives went door-to-door question people about the victim who's name is being withheld by NBC 10. Officers from the Crime Scene Unit were in and out of the home.

Charles Jones said his next-door neighbor lived in her home when he moved here 25 years ago and that her medical condition kept her bed-ridden.

“All I know is they come last night and was taking here out. Talked to her on the phone; she would say she was all right. I haven't spoke to her since before Thanksgiving,” said Jones.

Jones said the woman was wrapped up and removed through the basement door, which is one area the Crime Scene Unit focused on.

He also said the woman had two daughters and a son who called him, "Pop-Pop” and when he would ask about the woman, that the children would say she was just fine.

"It's a concern when you see someone in this condition. It's obvious that someone, someone should have, at least from a moral standpoint, have done something,” said Vanore.

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