Wolf to Stack: No More Protective Detail for You and Your Wife

Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor and his wife apologized earlier this month for any offensive statements they made to staff or their state police protective detail

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack and his wife, Tonya, have lost their state police protective detail and other government perks after the couple was accused of verbally berating staff.

Gov. Tom Wolf notified his No. 2 by letter Friday afternoon that Pennsylvania State Police would no longer be protecting the couple. Troopers typically accompanied the couple during travel and at work functions.

Staffing at the lieutenant governor's mansion in Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. will be restricted as well. The house will undergo limited cleanings and grounds keeping. The cleanings will be supervised and be done during pre-arranged times, the letter, circulated by the governor's office Friday afternoon, stated.

"I do not delight in this decision, but I believe it is a necessary step to protect Commonwealth employees," Wolf said ending the short letter.

The Stacks came under fire earlier this month after the Office of Inspector General launched an investigation over allegations the couple were verbally abusive to staff. Gov. Wolf requested the probe.

In an interview with NBC10 on April 12, the lieutenant governor apologized for any offensive comments he or his wife had made in the past.

"I'm not a perfect human being," said 53-year-old Stack, who served as a Democratic state senator for 14 years.

Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack is under investigation for the way he treats his staff. He spoke about the investigation for the first time on Wednesday. NBC10’s Lauren Mayk has the newest developments from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The Northeast Philadelphia natives have a well-documented history of temperamental flare-ups.

In 2015, Democratic State Rep. Kevin Boyle told that Tonya Stack flipped him off and poured a drink on him during a church fundraiser for a fallen soldier.

"Anyone who has spent time with me for long periods knows I'll have a Stack moment," the lieutenant governor told NBC10 earlier this month.

Wolf didn't choose Stack, a fellow Democrat, to accompany him on the gubernatorial ticket. Under Pennsylvania's election process, the men ran independently in primaries and then were joined for the general election.

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