Wolf, Nutter Denounce Trump in DNC Speeches

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and former Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter took shots at Donald Trump during their turns on stage Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention.

Wolf compared his own experiences running his family business — a kitchen cabinet supply company — with Trump’s own business dealings.

"One of the keys to our success was that we recognized that in business, you are only as good as the people you have in your company, and thus, you had to treat everyone like they mattered,” Wolf said. "Because, the truth is, they do."

Wolf went on to tout profit-sharing with his company’s workers and providing paid family leave.

"Donald Trump? He runs businesses so that they only help -- you guessed it -- Donald Trump,” Wolf said.

Nutter took the stage earlier in the evening and touted how his administration and the host committee brought the DNC to Philly.

While pledging his support to Clinton, he also took a few shots at Trump.

"Hillary's plans have details. Because details matter,” Nutter said. "Trump says he has plans. But when you’re looking down at America from the top of Trump Tower, you can’t see the details. Because there are none. After eight incredible years of progress under President Barack Obama, we can’t afford to hand our country over to a con man who thinks the presidency is an entry-level job on 'The Apprentice’."

It wasn’t the first time Nutter has sharply criticized the Republican nominee.

In December, Nutter swore when describing Trump in front of religious leaders and compared Trump’s words to Hitler’s on the heels of Trump's proposal to block Muslims from entering the U.S. "until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses."

"I apologize reverends, people of the religious community, I apologize,” Nutter said after unleashing the swear word. "How can I take seriously any foreign policy idea from someone like him? It's impossible. He has no idea what he's talking about."

The next day Trump fired back in a tweet directed at Nutter, saying ".@Mayor_Nutter of Philadelphia, who is doing a terrible job, should be ashamed for using such a disgusting word in referring to me. Low life!"

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