Anti-Fracking Protesters Under Arrest After Being Heard at Inauguration

Demonstrators face charges after Gov. Tom Wolf's inauguration.

A state police spokeswoman said eight people were charged with disorderly conduct in connection with Tuesday's inauguration. At one point, two people were led out of the inauguration by police after they stood and began shouting, "ban fracking now!"

Dozens of other anti-drilling demonstrators outside the inauguration also chanted "ban fracking now!" and could be heard throughout Wolf's swearing-in and speech.

That's a reference to the hydraulic fracturing process that's used to extract natural gas from the Marcellus Shale formation.

One protester, 51-year-old John Blauser of Ridgway, said he's worried that fracking will poison the water that his grandchildren drink.

Asked about the protesters, Wolf said he believes drilling can be done in an environmentally sound manner.

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