Get Ready for a Week of Wild Weather

We're in for a spring-winter roller coaster

Today’s wintry mix officially put this year’s winter snow totals (4.2”) over last year’s (4.0”). However, considering how mild last year’s winter was, that isn’t much of an accomplishment, according to Chief Meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz.

"We’re still way below normal for snowfall. It has still been a pretty quiet winter. It’s just that last winter was almost nonexistent for snow. So it’s not a big achievement to beat that," Schwartz said. "We’re still shy of normal."

For the week ahead, we're getting into a real roller coaster type pattern where we’re going from very cold to very warm, then cold again. And on the warmest day, we may see thunderstorms, strong winds and even some flooding.

"The transition from really warm to really cold sometimes can be pretty wild," Schwartz said.

The snow has now completely moved out of the area. Glenn says we should only expect light freezing rain or a freezing drizzle in the Lehigh Valley up to the Poconos.

The rain will end Monday night and temperatures will slowly rise. With today's wintry mix gradually clearing, Glenn now says the next big weather event for our area will be the dramatic shift in weather.

"Today we're in the mid-30's in the afternoon," said Glenn. "In a couple days we'll be 30 degrees warmer with strong winds and downpours. It's going to go from winter to spring overnight."

No icing is expecting Tuesday morning, other than in the Poconos. It should warm into the 40's even with cloudy skies on Tuesday. Some light morning rain is possible.

On Wednesday, a very active front will move in. Strong southerly winds ahead of it will push temperatures into the 60's. A line of heavy showers and possible thunderstorms will move through the area late. Winter temperatures will return by the end of the week, through the weekend, with a chance of snow showers late Saturday.

Should you expect more dramatic weather shifts for the rest of the winter?

"This may continue," said Glenn. "I don't see any extended cold or extended warmth. We'll just have more of this back and forth, though maybe not quite as extreme as the next two days. There will be more up and down."

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