Should We Be Dreaming of a White Christmas?

It won’t exactly be a white Christmas but it could be a messy one due to a wintry mix of rain and snow expected to hit the area on both Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas.

Aside from cold temperatures, it will be a comfortable journey for those traveling from the Philadelphia area today to visit loved ones for the Holidays. The winds have died down and we’re in for a partly sunny Sunday with no trace of rain or snow in the sky.

That will change Christmas Eve however as a storm is expected to hit the area Monday night that could cause some minor problems for motorists.

The quick-moving storm won’t dump a lot of precipitation but some areas could see some snow develop around 6 p.m. Philadelphia should see an initial wintry mix of rain and snow before it turns to rain while parts of the Lehigh Valley could see some light snow, with the heaviest amount hitting around 10 p.m.

While the storm won’t cause much accumulation, once the sun goes down, untreated surfaces could see a bit of dusting and snow could reach up to an inch North of Philadelphia, including Allentown and Harrisburg. The dusting could cause fairly slick roadways in several areas, especially the Lehigh Valley, Carbon and Monroe Counties.

The mix will clear out of the area on Christmas Day in which we’ll see mostly sunny skies with a high of 44 and a cold breeze.

A bigger storm will hit the area the day after Christmas. It will begin as a wintry mix and then change to heavy rain later in the day. Fortunately temperatures will be well above freezing with a high of 47. The showers will linger on Thursday and the skies will be completely clear on Friday, though winds will pick up. Saturday we’re in for mostly sunshine but temperatures will drop to 39 degrees.

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