Friday’s Winter Storm: A Tale of 2 Tracks

A storm, which could end up being the first major snowfall of this winter, is approaching our area.

Right now the area of low pressure to become the storm is over the Pacific Northwest. The latest models as of Tuesday are showing the winter storm move into our area late Friday though that timing could change as it gets closer. The track of the storm is slightly different with some models however which place snow in different places across the area. At this point we definitely expect to see snow Friday but the snow area is different under two scenarios.

Scenario 1


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The storm tracks closer to the Shore with more snow in the North and West suburbs, snow to rain in South Jersey and Delaware and snow to a wintry mix through Philadelphia. This track dictates more of a rain/snow line across Philadelphia and the I-95 corridor.

North and West Suburbs: Heavy snow

Philadelphia: Snow to a wintry mix

South Jersey/Delaware: Snow to rain

Scenario 2

The storm tracks farther offshore with more snow in South Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia and less snow in the North and West suburbs since there would be a sharper cut off to the snow across part of the area. Under this scenario, some areas North and West could barely see any snow at all.

North and West Suburbs: Least amount of snow

Philadelphia: Snow

South Jersey/Delaware: Heavy snow

“How far offshore is still too far out to tell,” said NBC10 First Alert Weather meteorologist Sheena Parveen. “Right now we’re seeing the European model farther offshore with the latest update. We know these things happen. Models disagree several days out because other weather patterns around the storm are also changing as time goes on, which will dictate the track of the storm.”

By Wednesday we should have estimated snow totals.

We’ll have more details on timing and snowfall totals as the storm approaches. Read more about the storm HERE and stay with throughout the week for the latest updates.

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