You Can Now Have Wine Shipped to Your Home in Pennsylvania

It's getting easier to buy wine in Pennsylvania.

The same new state law that expanded take-out booze sales at restaurants to include wine in addition to beer will also begin allowing Pennsylvanians to have wine shipped directly to their homes this week. The state Liquor Control Board on Tuesday approved the first direct wine shipper licenses under the new law, according to the board.

The new law allows Pennsylvania residents to have up to 36 nine-liter cases per year shopped to their homes by wine producers listed on the PLCB as direct shippers. The 36-case annual limit is per wine shipper.

Before the new law, a limited number of wineries were permitted to ship directly to homes, and other shipments had to be delivered to local Wine & Spirits stores for pickup by customers.

As of Tuesday, the PLCB granted five of 124 licenses requested for direct wine shipments under the new law, and the board is expected to approve more.

Gov. Tom Wolf called home wine shipments a "huge win" for the state.

"My goal is to modernize the sale of liquor, wine and beer in order to bring Pennsylvania's wine and spirits system into the 21st Century," Wolf said. "Allowing Pennsylvanians to have wine shipped directly to their homes is a huge win for consumers in our commonwealth."

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