Window Washer Dangles From Side of Wilmington High-Rise

Some scary moments in Wilmington, Delaware Tuesday morning after a power washer's scaffold wound up stuck on the side an office building.

"It brang a don't see that everyday -- a man hanging from a building that was suspended with nothing underneath him, just hanging from a rope," said Grayling Bolston hours after his rescue.

The incident played out shortly before 9 a.m. on the side of the eight-story Bank of America Building at 1100 N King Street -- just off Rodney Square -- after Bolston's apparatus kept going down on one side causing the veteran washer's safety harness to pull him up as his co-worker hung onto the tilted apparatus.

The dangling Cassidy Painting worker had spent about 25 minutes hanging off the building as more than 100 onlookers watched firefighters make the high-angle rescue.

Luckily, the 59-year-old man's co-worker reengaged the scaffold and rescuers -- more than two dozen city firefighters and EMTs responded -- on the roof got Bolston to safety.

"Everything was rigged safely, everybody was tied up, everybody had their hard hats on, everything was done accordingly, we just had some failed equipment," said the workers' supervisor Derek Payne.

Bolston told NBC10 that he was OK and that it obviously wasn't his best day at work.

"He's fine... it ain't the first time it happened, it probably won't be the last," said Payne.

Bolston wanted to keep working but he was sent home to relax as crews investigated what caused the scaffolding to tip to one side.

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