Will Bernie Sanders Supporters Back Hillary Clinton Now That Sanders Has? Think Again

Think Sen. Bernie Sanders taking the stage with Hillary Clinton will finally bring his die-hard supporters into the former secretary of state’s camp as she heads to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia?

Think again.

Sanders may have finally admitted defeat on stage with Clinton by his side Tuesday afternoon, but his supporters remain adamant that his candidacy remains legitimate. And they don’t plan on backing Clinton anytime soon.

“I am here to be witness. The Berners here are NOT I repeat  NOT here to support Hillary like they will try to spin it. Every Berner here is here to show opposition to Hillary,” Katherine Wright-Sandman wrote in a Facebook post showing a photo of supporters at the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, rally where Sanders and Clinton shared the stage together shortly after 11 a.m.

Another Sanders supporter, Laurie Cestnick, who two months ago started the Facebook page “Occupy DNC Convention July 2016,” wrote Monday morning that she and others will go to the convention to continue the fight to get Sanders elected president.

“While in Philly we will have events to raise $150,000-$200,000 to help us enroll 20 million young disenfranchised voters for Bernie all over this country by Oct. 2016 and THIS will allow him to WIN in November no matter what ticket he is on!!!!” Cestnick wrote.

While Sanders did admit defeat in the delegate count during the Democratic primaries, he did reiterate the success of his campaign is capturing nearly 1,900 delegates, who will cast their vote for him at the Wells Fargo Center later this month.

“That revolution continues,” Sanders told a crowd in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. “Together we will continue to fight for a government which represents all of us and not just the 1 percent.”

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