Wildwood Ferris Wheel Reopens

The Morey’s Piers ride has been closed since June 3 when an 11-year-old fell to her death.

One of East Coast’s largest Ferris wheels reopened on Saturday after being shut down for two weeks following the tragic death of an 11-year-old girl who fell while riding.

Abiah Jones was on a school field trip to Morey’s Mariner’s Pier in Wildwood, N.J. on June 3 when she got into one of the Ferris wheel’s gondolas alone. As her gondola neared the top, she suddenly fell to her death, according to the state’s preliminary report.

The reason for the Jones’ fall remains a mystery.

Upon it's reopening, additional safety measures have been implemented.

Here’s a statement from Morey’s Piers’ spokeswoman Lindsey Young:

“The Ferris Wheel will resume operation this Saturday, June 18th.  Morey’s Piers supports and has accepted the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs’ statewide recommendation that operators of open compartment Ferris Wheels adopt a policy that there be a minimum of two riders per vehicle.  Our existing policy that anyone under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult will remain.  As an additional measure of safety, Morey’s Piers will also increase its prior minimum height requirement to ride without an adult from the now State required 54 inches to a new minimum height of 60 inches.“

In a press conference on Tuesday, the family of Abiah Jones announced that they are considering suing Morey’s Pier

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