David Chang

Caught on Cam Fight on Wildwood Boardwalk Sparks Plan to Crack Down on Teen Drinking

A viral video of a brawl on the Wildwood boardwalk over Memorial Day Weekend has sparked a police investigation.

Police say several people, who appeared to be teenage boys, were involved in a fight on the boardwalk Friday night as crowds walked by. Near the end of a cellphone video that captured the incident, a merchant emerges with a baseball bat to stop the brawl.

“He didn’t hit nobody,” said Jorge Izaguirre, a gift shop worker who witnessed the fight. “He just wanted them to get out.”

Police say the fight was one of several on the boardwalk over the holiday weekend. So far they have no suspects and no victims have come forward.

“It hurts a lot of business,” Izaguirre said. “You know, when there’s alcohol involved, things happen.”

Officials believe underage drinking in nearby motel rooms and rented condos likely played a role and plan on cracking down.

“We’re putting additional officers on the boardwalk,” said Wildwood Police Chief Robert Regalbuto. “We’re putting additional officers, plain clothes, undercover out on streets. We’re actively going to try to be invited to your party.”

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